​K A T E L Y N     E M E R S O N, 

                                        Concert Organist


P r e v i o u s  E n t r i e s

Nantucket, Massachusetts

A​fter just three days on Nantucket, I have fallen in love with the charm of little island. The winding routes that bring Europe to mind, the plethora of seafood that came off the boat anywhere from that morning to an hour before it was served, the bike paths out the ocean (where I got accidentally soaked!), and the people who both live on and vacation all contribute to the feel of this isle. I was honored to play a recital at the beautiful Catholic church, St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle, only a 3 minute walk from the ferry dock. The Bigelow & Co. organ that was only recently built fit the spirit of the isle perfectly in its purity and simplicity. I was able to play a variety of repertoir

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