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Return to Lexington

What an honor and privilege it was to return to Lexington and perform at the same church in which I performed at the convention over a year ago. I have so rarely had the invaluable opportunity to perform on an instrument and then return after a fair amount of time has passed. My memory of the instrument had not diminished its abilities or colors but it had underestimated the room, which was far more live than I had remembered, making the concert even more enjoyable to perform. With the purpose of the concert to benefit the United Way Learning Academy, it became an even better experience. I selected a program with two halves: the first by German composers who lived from the 17th-20th centu

Goshen College

I'm so excited to perform at Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana on a really fantastic Taylor and Boody (Op. 41) tomorrow afternoon, which you can see above. Not only is the organ fantastic, but the room is like a dream to perform in as well! I spent all day with this organ and still feel as though I could never

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