Return to Lexington


What an honor and privilege it was to return to Lexington and perform at the same church in which I performed at the convention over a year ago. I have so rarely had the invaluable opportunity to perform on an instrument and then return after a fair amount of time has passed. My memory of the instrument had not diminished its abilities or colors but it had underestimated the room, which was far more live than I had remembered, making the concert even more enjoyable to perform. With the purpose of the concert to benefit the United Way Learning Academy, it became an even better experience. I selected a program with two halves: the first by German composers who lived from the 17th-20th centuries (Buxtehude, J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Reger, and Mendelssohn) and the second half by French composers of the 19th and 20th century. Three of these (Langlais, Franck, and Tournemire) all worked at Saint-Clothilde in Paris as organist, and the remaining two (Widor and Vierne) actually worked at Saint-Sulpice together, with Vierne assisting Widor prior to his appointment at Notre-Dame. This recital brought back so many memories of a fantastic convention (and this time visiting the city I was able to find time to explore a little!) and I was so happy to see many familiar faces at the recital whom I haven't seen for months to a year!​

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